Jeff and Amy Griffis, who head up our Street Preaching and Evangelism ministry, will be leading a team to Scotland in order to minister publicly and also make contacts for future work there. Those travelling with them are Paul Olson and Wyatt Stockton.

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Aaron Smith, son of Michael and Leah Smith, will be heading out for Uganda with Teen Missions. Aaron will be serving with a team using Soccer to reach young people with the Gospel.
Kyle Guyette, son of Jeff and Shanon Guyette, will be heading out for Cambodia, also with Teen Missions. He will be part of the Circuit Riders Motorcycle Sunday School team which carries the gospel into areas not easily reached by other vehicles.
Though some changes may be on the horizon, the work in Mexico will continue in 2014 at the same sites as in the past. Michelle Wanzo and other volunteers, will travel to the Mi Paz Church site in Puerto Penasco, to minister in various ways, but especially through provision of a breakfast for the children. Though they will be located in California for a season, Scott and Diana Butler will continue working monthly with the Rocky Point Medical Clinics in Puerto Penasco.

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