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122814     Pastor Mark Hillis     The Season of the Midnight Hour    MP3

121414     Pastor Mark Hillis     The Voice of God, #2           MP3
Beyond the dramatic, there is the Still, Small Voice

120714     Wyatt Stockton          A Shepherd, Not a Fence               MP3
    Luke 2, Selected Scriptures. Our Shepherd is Personally Involved.

120714     Pastor Mark Hillis     The Voice of God                                         MP3
                                                      Psalm 29: Six effects of the Voice of God


113014     Pastor Mark Hillis     The Last Horse and the Last of the Oil     MP3
The Four Horses of Revelation Plus of One
                                                     Daniel 12: 1-3; Rev. 5:1-7; 11:15; Rev. 5:8-14; Rev. 6:1-8; Matt. 24:3-14
                                                     Matt. 25:4-10; Rev. 19:11-16; 6-9                                                    

112314     Pastor Mark Hillis     Miriam's Dance and Salvation's Response     MP3
1 Peter 2:9; Ex. 15:20-21; Ps. 137; Ex. 2

111614     Pastor Mark Hillis     When the diagnosis is an Enlarged Psuche    MP3
    Spirit, Soul and Body; Abram and Lot
                                                     1 Cor. 15:45-49; Gen. 13:1-5; James 3:15-18; Song of Solomon 4:16; Matt. 16:24

110914     Pastor Mark Hillis     The Gospel Revealed at the Gates of Gaza     MP3

110214     Pastor Maggie Hillis     Stephen, the man whom Jesus crowned    MP3
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
                                                         Acts 7:54-60


102614     Pastor Mark Hillis     The Refusal of Canaan     MP3
The result of Refusing to Walk in Faith
                                                     Jeremiah 6:29-30; Numbers 13,14; Luke 17:5-6

101914     Pastor Mark Hillis     Water, Spirit and Worship    MP3
Devils walk through Dry Places; Jesus comes to Watered places
                                                     Luke 11:21-26; Genesis 1;  John 4; Rev. 3:14

101214     Pastor Mark Hillis     First comes Sleep, then the Tent Peg     MP3
A Warning for the Church - Judges 4:15-23; Rom. 13:11-14: 1 Thess. 5:6-8

100514     Pastor Mark Hillis     Sharpening your Sword in the Secret Place     MP3

Psalm 1 and Judges 3:13-28


092814    Pastor Mark Hillis     The Consecration of a Servant     MP3

092114    Pastor Mark Hillis     Vulnerable Daughters, Angry Sons    MP3

091414    Pastor Mark Hillis     Ministry in the time of Beheadings    MP3

090914    Pastor Mark Hillis     Two-fold Promise of Greater Things     MP3


083114    Wyatt Stockton     Truth is Fallen in the Street    MP3

082414    Leah Smith     The Influence and Impact of Salt and Light    MP3

082414    Jeff Griffis     Every Believer's Struggle     MP3

081714    Jeff Guyette     Sanctification leads to Separation    MP3

081014    Amy Griffis     Bearing, Harvesting, Working     MP3

080314    Pastor Maggie Hillis     Revival    MP3


072714    Pastor Mark Hillis     There is something Worse than Persecution     MP3

072014    Pastor Mark Hillis     The Naomi Factor in Evangelism and Outreach    MP3

071314    Pastor Mark Hillis     When your Head is Wrapped with Weeds  MP3

070614    Pastor Mark Hillis     Stop Blaming the Donkey!     MP3


062914     Pastor Mark Hillis     Becoming the Church again    MP3

062214     Pastor Mark Hillis     Wasted Arrows and Unseen Victories    MP3

061514     Pastor Mark Hillis     Bound to God or Bound to Man     MP3

061214     Pastor Mark Hillis     Un mensaje para Cristianos que Han Perdido su Hacha de Poder     MP3

060814     Pastor Mark Hillis     God's Eternal Image of Man and Woman     MP3

060114     Pastor Mark Hillis     Treasure Comes with a Field     MP3


052514     Wyatt Stockton     The Art of Brokenness     MP3

052514     Jeff Griffis     Christ's Desire for His Church     MP3

051814     Leah Smith     Believing in Your God-Given power     MP3

051114     Wyatt Stockton      Curves, Bends, Dips and Straightaways     MP3

051114     Jeff Guyette     My way or the Highway     MP3

050414     Pastor Mark Hillis  PM Message: How to Love the Lame     MP3

050414     Pastor Mark Hillis  AM Message: The Secret Life of Mr. Achan    MP3


042714     Pastor Mark Hillis   Our Glorious Redeemer #14 (The Seated Christ, a Man in Glory)   MP3

042014     Pastor Mark Hillis   Our Glorious Redeemer  #13  (Resurrected Christ, Open Door) MP3

041314     Pastor Mark Hillis   Our Glorious Redeemer #12 (The Crucified Christ)   MP3

040614     Pastor Mark Hillis   Our Glorious Redeemer #11 (The Seven Trials of Christ)     MP3


033014     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #10 (Betrayed Christ, Betrayed Believer)    MP3

032314     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #9 (Christ, our Passover)     MP3

032014     Pastor Mark Hillis    Tres Mensajes Breves en Espanol
                 He anadido tres mensajes cortos en Espanol AQUI. Espero que poner mas pronto.

031614     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #8 (The Inspecting Christ)     MP3

030914     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #7 (The Twice-Anointed Christ)   MP3

030214     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #6 (The Transfigured Christ)     MP3


022314     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #5 (Christ as Prophet and Pastor)  MP3

021614     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #4 (Prophet, Priest, King) MP3

020914     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #3 (The Tempted Christ) 

020214     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #2 (The Anointed Christ)    MP3


012614     Pastor Mark Hillis    Our Glorious Redeemer #1 (The Eternal Christ)     MP3

011914     Pastor Mark Hillis    Straight Arrows in the Hand of God    MP3

011214     Pastor Mark Hillis    Red Sky at Dawn #1 - Your response to coming persecution    MP3

010514     Pastor Mark Hillis    A Blank Piece of Paper   MP3
120717     Wyatt Stockton          A Shepherd, Not a Fence     MP3
                                                      Luke 2; Selected Scriptures; Our Shepherd is Personally Involved

120714     Pastor Mark Hillis     The Voice of God     MP3
                                                      Psalm 29: Six effects of the Voice of God
MEDIA 2014
Teaching Series'

Women in Ministry

(Your Sons and Your Daughters)

Seven 50-minute teachings on the subject of women in ministry from a conservative, Biblical perspective.

The Stewardship of Life

A sermon series on the management of life under Christ's ownership.

Grains of Wheat

A sermon series based on the lives of various missionaries from the past, all centering around one text of scripture.

Seven Churches
of Revelation

Teachings on the Seven Churches of Revelation; includes workbook and cover for download.

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A 50-Chapter study of the book of Genesis, with audio and handouts.
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