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122715  Pastor Mark Hillis   2016 - Year of Anticipation   MP3

122015  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 28  - The Servant and the Serpent   MP3

121315  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 27  - Saviors in the Coming Storm   MP3

120615  Pastor Mark Hillis  Acts 20 - Paul's Tears at Ephesus   MP3


112915  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 19 - The Holy Spirit #3   MP3
                                                            (Gifts of the Godhead)

112215  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 19 - The Holy Spirit #2   MP3

111515  Pastor Mark Hillis   Choo7sing the Right Wall     MP3
                                                (Response to the Paris Terrorist Attacks 11/13)

110815  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 18, 19 - The Holy Spirit #1     MP3


102515  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 16 - When Prisoners are Released    MP3

101815  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 13 - Lessons from Leadership at Antioch  MP3

101215  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 12 - Leaving the Inner Prison   MP3

100515  Pastor Mark Hillis   Acts 10 - Demolition and Construction    MP3


092815  Pastor Mark Hillis    Acts 9  Road to Damascus 4  MP3
                                                  The Chosen Vessel

092015  Pastor Mark Hillis     Acts 9 Road to Damascus 3     MP3
                                                  Lessons from Ananias

091315  Pastor Mark Hillis     Acts 9 Road to Damascus 2    MP3
                                                  Kicking Against the Goads

090615  Pastor Mark Hillis    Acts 9  Road to Damascus 1    MP3


083015  Pastor Mark Hillis    Acts 6-8  Servanthood and Power     MP3

082315  Pastor Mark Hillis    Acts 5 -  Sinning in the Light of Great Revelation   MP3

082215  Pastor Maggie Hillis    The Weight of the King's Word    MP3
                                                      Road Trip 2015 Womens' Conference

081615  Pastor Mark Hillis    Acts 4 - The Name above all Names   MP3

081915  Pastor Mark Hillis    Acts 3 - Overcoming Lameness   MP3

080215  Pastor Mark Hillis    Acts 2 - The Longing for Pentecost     MP3


072615  Pastor Mark Hillis     Acts 1 - The Promise of Power     MP3

071915  Pastor Mark Hillis     Refusing to Bow to Culture     MP3

071215  Pastor Mark Hillis     The Promise and the Vultures    MP3

070515  Pastor Mark Hillis     To Whom is the Arm of the Lord Revealed?   MP3


062815  Pastor Mark Hillis     Stolen Ark, Stolen Rainbow     MP3

061515  Pastor Mark Hillis     A Revival Cry from the pit of Hell     MP3

060715  Pastor Mark Hillis     When Jesus Offends You     MP3


053115  Pastor Mark Hillis     The Harvest You will Reap     MP3
3rd in Series...Paul instructs Timothy concerning Sowing and Reaping

052415  Pastor Mark Hillis     Fighting for the Prize    MP3
2nd in Series. In the context of persecution Paul instructs Timothy concerning the
                                                  training for hostility, using the metaphor of Greco-Roman combat sports where athletes
                                                  were trained to fight to the death. The Palastra is examined as a picture of the church.

051715  Pastor Mark Hillis     The Emperor and His Troops    MP3
1st in a series:2Timothy 2 and Revelation 1
                                                   The Context is Persecution in the time of 1 and 2 Timothy...enduring hardship as a
                                                   good soldier; and Christ's visit to his aging soldier exiled on Patmos.

051015  Pastor Mark Hillis     When Pilate and Herod become Friends    MP3
A Message about Coming Persecution in America

050315  Pastor Mark Hillis      PM Service - The Price of Worship Part 2     MP3
The Price of Worship in the life of David

050315  Pastor Mark Hillis     The Price of Worship Part 1      MP3
The Price of Worship in the life of Abraham                     


042615  Pastor Mark Hillis      Why sit here Til we Die?    MP3

041915  Pastor Mark Hillis      The Cost of Completion     MP3

041215  Pastor Mark Hillis      Spit and Clay: When blindness gives way to Revelation   MP3

040515  Pastor Mark Hillis      Did we Miss this Episode? (the Power of His Resurrection)   MP3


040515  Pastor Mark Hillis      Did we Miss this Episode? (the Power of His Resurrection)   MP3

032915  Pastor Mark Hillis      Making Peace with your Past, Present and Future    MP3

032215  Pastor Mark Hillis      Cain, Abel and Blessed Assurance     MP3

031515  Pastor Mark Hillis      5 Powers that Precede Revival     MP3

030815  Pastor Mark Hillis      The Hedge and the Home     MP3

030115  Pastor Mark Hillis      When God's House becomes Man's House    MP3


022215  Pastor Mark Hillis      Overcoming Losses     MP3

021515  Pastor Maggie Hillis  Habakkuk, Isis, America and the Church - a Warning   MP3

020815  Pastor Mark Hillis      Sweetness in a Bitter Place     MP3

020115  Pastor Mark Hillis      Evening Service: If I do not Wash You     MP3

020115  Pastor Mark Hillis      After the Last Trumpet has Sounded     MP3


012515  Pastor Mark Hillis       What Lies behind the Veil    MP3

011815  Pastor Mark Hillis       Will you follow this Man?     MP3

011115  Pastor Mark Hillis       Digging our of Your Valley     MP3

010415  Pastor Mark Hillis       Help for your Dead Ends    MP3

MEDIA 2015
Teaching Series'

Women in Ministry

(Your Sons and Your Daughters)

Seven 50-minute teachings on the subject of women in ministry from a conservative, Biblical perspective.

The Stewardship of Life

A sermon series on the management of life under Christ's ownership.

Grains of Wheat

A sermon series based on the lives of various missionaries from the past, all centering around one text of scripture.

Seven Churches
of Revelation

Teachings on the Seven Churches of Revelation; includes workbook and cover for download.

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